Snowy Hydro complied with its obligation to target the Required Annual Release (RAR) from the Snowy-Murray Development to the River Murray catchment during the 2015-16 water year. The total accounted release volume was 931 GL.

This was made up of:

  • Ÿ960 GL being the 2015–16 Required Annual Release calculated under the Snowy Water Licence; less
  • 227 GL of Net DISV Increas; plusŸŸ
  • 198 GL of pre-release of the 2015–16 Required Annual Release; plus
  • ŸŸ0 GL of Discretionary Above Target Water Releases (water not required for RAR releases that Snowy Hydro is able to release at its discretion).

This total accounted release volume includes 10GL of Montane environmental flow releases provided to the Geehi and Swampy Plains River which did not flow through Scheme power stations.