Australian children have been visiting the Snowy Scheme for generations. Our Discovery Centre and Snowy STEM Academy programs offer unique learning experiences for students of all ages.

Visit the Snowy Hydro Discovery Centre in the Snowy Mountains and immerse your students in one of the greatest engineering marvels the world has ever seen.

Connect your students with the past, present and future of the Snowy Scheme through our new state-of-the-art immersive theatre.

The Snowy Scheme provides a unique case study to engage your students (K-12) with Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) curriculum. An experienced educator will guide your students through topic areas such as water, electricity, clean renewable energy, environment, engineering, immigration, social and economic history.

Our interpretive display area provides a dynamic learning space to explore our artefacts, photographic collection, live screens of our operations and the National Electricity Market, as well as an interactive diorama to engage students of all ages.

Why not offer your students the ‘Knowledge Quest’? This quiz not only aligns to stage 3 syllabus, but provides a great opportunity for your students to collaborate, critically think and connect with our wonderful heritage-listed icon! 

It comes at no additional cost and takes around 20 minutes. It’s easy, fun and educational!

Our team look forward to welcoming you and your students to our centre.

The Snowy Hydro Discovery Centre is located in Cooma – just over an hour from Canberra airport.

To book a Mountains of Power student visit or to order a classroom resource kit, please contact us at on 1800 623 776 or

For more information about our Educational Programs, contact the Discovery Centre.