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Voluntary Tax Transparency Report

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Water Releases

Snowy River releases
2022/23 Snowy River Daily Release Targets
Current Jindabyne Environmental Releases

Snowy Montane releases
2022/23 Tantangara Dam Montane Release Targets
Current Tantangara 30 day Releases

Western River releases
Khancoban Releases
Actual releases from Khancoban Dam into the Swampy Plains River can also be accessed by downloading our SnowyLIVE water app from the App Store or Google Play.

Annual Water Operating Plan


Following amendments to the Snowy Water Licence in 2020, Snowy Hydro will produce a public version of the Annual Water Operating Plan (AWOP) each year. Each public AWOP contains a record of our compliance with the previous year’s release obligations and sets out the targets for the upcoming water year. These reports are intended to increase transparency by providing the public with more information about the water operations of the Snowy Scheme.

Water Compliance Reports


From 2020, compliance reporting is contained in the Annual Water Operating Plan for the following year, linked above.



Environment Report


Environmental Protection Licence

EPL 10515 Scheme Wide Operations
EPL 13161 Transport of Trackable Waste
EPL 21051 Helicopter related activities

Monitoring Data

EPA ID number, location and data:
1. Murray 1 Power Station North Drainage Pit
2. Murray 1 Power Station South Drainage Pit
4. Murray 2 Power Station Drainage Pit
7. Tumut 1 Power Station Drainage Pit
9. Tumut 2 Power Station Drainage Pit
10. Tumut 3 Power Station Drainage Pit
11. Guthega Power Station oil/water separator discharge line
13. Blowering Power Station Drainage Pit
14. Jindabyne Pumping Station oil/water separator outlet
16. Eucumbene Dam River Outlet Works oil/water separator discharge
26. Jounama Power Station Drainage Pit

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

For Scheme operations, a Pollution Incident Response Management Plan has been developed and made publicly available in accordance with Part 3A clause 98D(2) & 98D(3) of the Protection of the Environment Operations (General) Amendment (Pollution Incident Response Management Plans) Regulation 2012 for Snowy Hydro Limited Environmental Protection Licences (EPL) 10515, 10379 & 13161.

Scheme Public Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

Annual Dam Safety Standards Reports:

2021 Dam Safety Annual Report Attestation
2021 Eucumbene Dam Annual Report
2021 Eucumbene Saddle Dam Annual Report
2021 Geehi Dam Annual Report
2021 Guthega Dam Annual Report
2021 Island Bend Dam Annual Report
2021 Jindabyne Dam Annual report
2021 Jounama Dam Annual Report
2021 Khancoban Dam Annual Report
2021 Murray 2 Dam Annual Report
2021 Talbingo Dam Annual Report
2021 Tantangara Dam Annual Report
2021 Tooma Dam Annual Report
2021 Tumut Pond Dam Annual Report
2021 Tumut 2 Dam Annual Report
2021 Tumut 3 Inlet Structure Annual Report

Environmental Protection Licence

EPL 10379 Cabramurra Town Sewage Treatment Plant

Monitoring Data

EPA ID number, location and data:
2, 3 and 4. Discharge from STP Outlet Tap, Upstream of STP discharge point, Downstream of STP discharge point

HEZ Power Station

Environmental Protection Licence

EPL 21466 HEZ Power Station

Environmental Incident Response

HEZ Power Station Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP)


Environmental Licence

Licence 41162 Angaston Power Station


Waste Discharge Licence

WDL 9517 Laverton North


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