Snowy Hydro is committed to supporting the local communities in which we live, work and serve.

Snowy Hydro has invested millions of dollars into not-for-profit organisations and initiatives that align with our company values. We also contribute funding to local infrastructure projects which support regional growth and bring economic investment. Our major partnerships and community grants program align with our community commitment pillars. These pillars focus on four key areas; education and development, health and wellbeing, regional capacity building and environment.

Our community commitment pillars

Supporting the Snowy Mountains

Snowy Hydro and its people are committed to the local communities of the Snowy Mountains region where the Snowy story began more than 70 years ago. We see a bright future for the region, where we will continue to grow and support the communities we live and work in, and the areas we serve. While our operations continue to expand beyond the original Snowy Scheme, the communities in which we operate in the mountains remain critical to our success. We aim to form partnerships to assist the sustainability and success of towns. One of the major ways in which we achieve this is through supporting and partnering with different regional events and initiatives that not only benefit the local economy, but encourage people to come and experience the best the Snowy region has to offer.