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Standard number and name
SHL-ELE-102: Protection Design
SHL-ELE-103: Pipeline Protection Design
SHL-ELE-128 Earthing
SHL-ELE-132 – HV Switchboard Standard
SHL-ELE-134 – DC and Essential AC Design Philosophy
SHL-ELE-143 Guidelines for coding PLCs
SHL-ELE-156 General LV Electrical Requirements
Annexure A – Switchrooms
Annexure B – LV Switchboards
Annexure C – Electrical Cubicles & Junction Boxes
Annexure D – LV Cables & Cable Management Systems
Annexure E – General Hardware Requirements
Annexure F – LV Motors
Annexure G – Control Systems
Annexure H – Instrumentation & Transducers
Annexure I – Current & Voltage Transformers
Annexure J – DC Battery Supplies
Annexure K – LV Earthing
Annexure L – Uninterruptable Power Supplies
Annexure M – Lighting & Power
Annexure O – Asset Identification Requirements
Annexure Q – Preferred Suppliers
SHL-ELE-157 Guidelines for Writing Technical Specifications for Hydro Generator Rotor Pole Rewind
SHL-ELE-405 Operational Display Standard
SHL-ELE-520 Transformer Oil Supervision and Maintenance
SHL-ELE-521 Transformer Oil Filling

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