Contractor Portal

Contractor Portal: Hours Worked Form

As a Snowy Hydro Contractor, it is a requirement of your contract that you submit the total number of hours that your employees and subcontractors have worked on Snowy Hydro sites by the 10th day of every month.

Hours can be easily submitted using this google form.

To submit hours worked, simply click on the link or the image to go to the form. Fill out your details and the total number of hours worked during the month and then click ‘Submit’ when you are done; a response receipt will be automatically generated and returned by email to you.

Hours worked by a contractor includes any workplace which is under the control of Snowy Hydro e.g. power stations, Snowy Hydro roads, dams, offices and public places including time worked at home as directed by Snowy Hydro.

When to record contractor hours – when the contractor or subcontractor begins work, until the time the contractor finishes work whether it is onsite or working from another location. Please include any travel time charged to Snowy Hydro.