Health & Safety, Environmental and Quality Management

This page is for use by Snowy Hydro contractors to obtain key information regarding the management of health, safety, environmental and quality issues when working for Snowy Hydro Limited.

The information provided in this web page, including the documents listed, is not a definitive guide to Snowy Hydro’s health, safety, environmental and quality management requirements or management system. Contractors should be aware of the health, safety, environmental and quality management requirements outlined in their contract with Snowy Hydro Ltd and always discuss these requirements with their Snowy Hydro responsible officer before arriving on site or commencing any work for Snowy Hydro.

Induction and Training

Prior to commencing work on site, contractor personnel shall complete the following induction and authorisations:

1.Snowy Hydro Safety and Life Saving Rules Induction and Quiz.
Refresher is required every 3 Years

2. Snowy Hydro Environmental Induction and Quiz.
Refresher is required every 3 Years

If the Contractor is going to Enter and/ Work in the Power Station unsupervised the following Access Rules Authorisations are required:

3. Entry Authorisation Presentation and Quiz - You are able to enter and work unsupervised in a power station excluding any Permit Areas.

4. Access Authorisation Presentation and Quiz - You are able to enter and work in a power station including  Permit Areas (Entry is prerequisite to Access).


Following the relevant Access Rules Authorisations,

5. Site Specific inductions for operational areas (where required) should be facilitated by your local Snowy Hydro Representative.

You may be requested to undertake additional training that can be found after the induction and Access Rules section:

The Contractor shall ensure all Contractor personnel, including Sub-contractors, have attended and successfully completed the relevant Online and Site Inductions. This process ensures communication of Standards, Workplace Procedures & Safe work processes. Re-induction/training shall occur on change of scope of work during the contractor assignment or after a period of 12 months.

All relevant Snowy Hydro access rules and relevant policies and procedures can be accessed HERE

Go to the contractor training portal to complete the above, or you can click on the links also provided above to take you to each individual presentation or quiz.

Please ensure that data entry of the company name and personnel names are accurate and match documentation to ensure the electronic system can identify them and that you provide copies of relevant documentation (as outlined in inductions).

Watch the Snow and Ice Driver Training video

Mandatory Induction and access rules authorisations

Each Induction should approximately take:

  • 45  minutes for Snowy Hydro Induction Presentation and Quiz
  • 45 minutes for Snowy Hydro Environmental Induction
  • 45 Minutes for the Entry Authorisation
  • 1 Hour for the Access Authorisation
  • 1.5 Hours for Recipient ( Refresher excluding verbal assessment)

The Quizzes have a 90% pass requirement. Results will be sent to your email address with the option to view your score instantly:

Minimum score required per quiz:

  • 9/10 for the Safety and Life Saving Rules Induction
  • 9/10 for Environmental Induction
  • 15/16 for Entry
  • 26/28 for Access
  • 35/39 for Recipient

You can check you score by clicking on “View our Score” and re-submit if required.

Key points

  1. Please give the forms/sheets time to load.
  2. Ensure you fill in your details correctly.The data on the dashboard will appear has you have writing
  3. View your score at the end to ensure you have reached the minimum required scored (90% or above pass rate)