Hundreds of students across 18 Snowy Mountains schools will benefit from Snowy Hydro’s inaugural Local School STEM Fund program. The 2023 funding has been allocated to both primary and secondary from public and private schools to provide students with hands-on interactive experiences, challenging their creativity and critical thinking.

Through the program, Snowy Hydro has supported a varied range of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) initiatives, including an aquaponics project, 3D printers, a First Nations Science Camp, upgrades to equipment in science classrooms, development of a robotics club, enhancement of resources, the establishment and expansion of school programs and clubs, and the launch of various projects such as a sustainable garden and a township design. 

Snowy Hydro CEO Dennis Barnes said the collaboration with local schools will encourage and promote problem-solving skills for students, both in and out of the classroom and assist their career pathways.

“The funding is just one example of Snowy Hydro’s ongoing commitment to education and development in support of STEM, particularly among our local communities,” Dennis said. 

The real-world application of STEM allows students to interact with the subject material and develop a diverse range of skill sets. By seeing the outcomes of STEM throughout their lives and assessing the outcomes for themselves, their schools, community and surrounding environments, a unique and engaging learning space is created. 

Dennis said he was proud to announce the Local School STEM fund was “supporting schools in 10 locations, providing approximately $160,000 of funding to contribute to the growth of local students.” 

The outcomes of the funded initiatives will assist students with the understanding of sustainability, combine ancient knowledge and modern technology, build on existing STEM skills, develop critical thinking, strengthen student confidence and promote the balance of research and design. 

To further engagement and involvement with education, Snowy Hydro is committed to continuing this beneficial program. The next round of applications will open in February 2024.

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