Snowy STEM Academy

Explore our learning resources about the power of water and connect with the past, present and future of the Snowy Scheme.

The Snowy STEM Academy is an interactive online learning portal featuring learning modules that align with the Australian curriculum. Students can discover the Scheme’s past, present and future and hear some of the stories behind the engineering, the science and our people. The Snowy STEM Academy will ignite students’ imagination and expand their knowledge about curriculum including geography, STEM, history and social science subjects.

With a range of teacher and classroom resources including factsheets, activity sheets and hands-on activities, students will be able to complete a full lesson on an aspect of the Snowy Scheme, or supplement a pre-planned lesson with activities across a range of subject matter. A variety of lesson plans that link directly with Scootle tie the relevant learning resources together.

Speak to us about tailoring your classroom needs, with a range of virtual experiences including a behind-the-scenes tour of a power station, a digital pop-up book about the Snowy 2.0 project or book a range of virtual classroom experiences. We have many programs available to match your students’ educational needs. Learning about the mighty Snowy Scheme has never been more accessible. 


Introduction to Snowy Hydro

Learn about Snowy Hydro, a dynamic, integrated energy business.


Water of the Snowy Scheme

Learn about the water behind the power of the Snowy Scheme.


Power generation

Learn about how Snowy Hydro uses the power of water to generate clean, renewable energy.


Snowy 2.0

Learn about the pumped-hydro expansion of the Snowy Scheme.


Our proud history

Learn about the construction of the Scheme. It took 25 years and bought 100,000 people together from more than 30 different countries to build the mighty Snowy.


The Snowy Scheme developments

Learn about the Snowy Scheme’s two main developments – the Snowy-Murray development and the Snowy-Tumut development.


Women in STEM

The purpose of the program is to introduce children of the Snowy Mountains to career opportunities in STEM and provide an informed foundation to support their submission into the Snowy 2.0 TBM naming competition


The Snowy Scheme water cycle

Learn how Snowy Hydro works with the water cycle to harness the power of water to generate renewable energy.


The sciences of Snowy Hydro

Learn about the sciences behind Snowy Hydro, the mighty Snowy Scheme and renewable energy.


Year 9 Maths program

applications of maths using real-life everyday practical examples linking the workplace at Snowy Hydro to a deeper understanding of maths.


Science of the Snowy Scheme with Kirsten Banks

Join Kirsten Banks as she explores the science behind the mighty Snowy Scheme.



Learn how the weather, seasons and power generation fit together to generate renewable energy.