Snowy Hydro is the largest supplier of on-demand energy generation in NSW, by capacity. The company also has an important role in capturing and storing water in the Snowy Scheme, which helps manage and regulate inflows for the benefit of downstream water users.

The National Electricity Market (NEM), especially NSW, is currently experiencing above-average outages from coal power stations and low levels of reserve energy capacity.

  • There is an energy crisis in the National Electricity Market (NEM) unfolding and Snowy Hydro is being called on more than ever to keep the lights on.
  • To provide this essential service to the NEM, Snowy Hydro must release water from the Snowy Scheme.
  • Snowy Hydro is the largest supplier of on-demand energy generation in NSW, by capacity and Tumut 3 Power Station, with a generation capacity of 1,800 megawatts, is a significant contributor. 
  • Snowy Hydro has been working closely with WaterNSW to manage storages during these challenging conditions. 
  • Generation from Tumut 3 Power Station is significantly constrained by the current storage levels in Blowering Reservoir and the release capacity of the Tumut River.
  • In order to meet the predicted energy demands, it is possible Blowering Reservoir will fill and spill, potentially exceeding the Tumut River channel capacity.
  • In this scenario, there is potential for the inundation of low-level causeways and water breaking out of the river channel onto agricultural land adjacent to the river. 

For the community, the most important message is to stay safe and well-informed.

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