Snowy Hydro has launched a Snowy 2.0 virtual tour, to provide the public with a ‘window’ into the pumped-hydro megaproject’s key construction sites. 

The virtual tour is a web-based platform and is fully optimised for mobile phones – no app download is required. 

People can check out the action, world-class engineering and construction progress through the interactive website application, 3D animations, 360 degree panoramic images and unique video content. 

Snowy Hydro Managing Director and CEO, Paul Broad, said the virtual tour gave viewers a bird’s eye view of Australia’s largest renewable energy project being built in a remote part of the Snowy Mountains.

“You can navigate your own way around the various sites and simply click on the blue information dots to read about the latest Snowy 2.0 construction activities and see all three of the tunnel boring machines,” Mr Broad said.

“It’s a great tool to raise awareness and knowledge of the project among the community and to share the many construction milestones we are achieving together with our principal contractor, Future Generation Joint Venture.”

The Snowy 2.0 virtual tour has been built using the Esri online mapping application ArcGIS, which gives users access to incredibly accurate spatial data and imagery for both desktop and mobile use.

Take the Snowy 2.0 virtual tour here:

Snowy 2.0 project background: Snowy 2.0 will link two existing Snowy Scheme reservoirs, Tantangara and Talbingo, with 27km of waterway tunnels and a power station with six pump-turbines located about 800m underground. Water in the top storage will be released for energy generation at times of peak demand and pumped back at times when there is excess energy in the grid, so Snowy 2.0 is ready to meet demand when needed.   

Snowy 2.o will provide 2,000 megawatts of pumping and generating capacity and 350,000 megawatt hours of storage that will underpin Australia’s transition to a renewable energy future.
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