We believe you never stop learning, and for that reason we take your personal development very seriously at Snowy Hydro. Here are just some of the ways that you can develop as an employee:


    Every employee undertakes our SwitchON safety program, which aims to explore our real commitment to zero incidents and establish a shared belief that all incidents are preventable. The program achieves this through a combination of challenging existing beliefs, group discussions, team activities, emotionally charged video clips and individual work and reflection.


    We want to ensure that you are in an engaging, challenging, stimulating and rewarding role.  There is always a lot happening at Snowy Hydro and sometimes a sideways move is just as beneficial as a step up the ladder.  We encourage you to get involved in new opportunities as they come your way, and talk to you leader about your career goals.


    Whether you’re an engineer, tradesperson, accountant or project manager, our experienced team members are ready to share knowledge and support others as mentors. If more formal coaching is the answer, we can help with that too.


    If our leaders thrive, so do their teams. That’s why we take a values-based, practical approach to development for our current and aspiring leaders at all levels. Through our LeadershipLIVE program suite, forums and peer coaching, we share a common language of leadership, enabling our leaders to grow, build successful teams, and support each other along the way.


    In our industry, it’s important that our people have the right skills and qualifications to work competently and safely. From operating a forklift to carrying out an inspection inside a turbine, we will provide the training you need.


    We support employees who wish to participate in external study to further their professional development.