The Power of Water

Our 'Power of Water' teacher resource kit has been designed to take an Upper Primary class through a cross-curriculum unit on the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme.

It is a Science, Human Society and Environment based unit, with a focus on water and electricity. The science experiments are designed to create an appreciation of the way in which the power of water can be used to generate electricity and the experiments are organised to follow on from one another. This provides the appropriate scientific knowledge to enable students to develop a sound understanding of the steps involved in producing electricity and using water as an energy source. As this is a resource based on the interactive approach to science teaching, introductory activities are suggested.

The 5 key perspectives of the program are:

  • People - Forging a new multicultural Australia
  • An Engineering Wonder
  • Water - A precious natural resource
  • Clean  Renewable Energy
  • Hydro-power - Working with the environment

This kit is available for $30.00.  To order the ‘Power of Water - Teacher resource’ Education Kit contact the Snowy Hydro Discovery Centre on 1800 623 776 or