Murray 1 Visitors Centre – Alpine Way

 Snowy Hydro has commenced major overhaul works at Murray 1 Power Station as part of our multi-million Scheme Modernisation Program.

As a result, we will be temporarily closing the Murray 1 Visitors’ Centre (located at the far end of the station) from the 2016 June long weekend.

Modernisation works have been ongoing at Murray 1 over the past eight years, however the work scheduled to commence in July 2016 will see the first of the major overhauls commence.  This includes mechanical upgrades and replacement of the turbines which will result in improved water utilisation, efficiency and smoother operation of the plant. These improvement works will continue – unit by unit – until around 2024.

Safety is very important at Snowy Hydro, for both our employees and the communities we operate in. During the major works, there will be a significant increase in truck, car and people movements at Murray 1. As a result, we will be temporarily closing the Murray 1 Visitors Centre (located at the far end of the station) from the June long weekend.

Snowy Hydro will create an alternate visitor experience for our valued customers at our Murray 2 Power Station located at the end of Murray 2 Power Station Road. We hope this will be up and running as soon as possible. To keep up to date with the progress please call 1800 623 776 to speak to one of our friendly customer service officers about more details on the experiences and services that will be on offer.

By the end of June 2016 we aim to be running Murray 2 Power Station Inspections at 11am and 2pm which will be hosted by one of our great customer service team.  Visitors will be able to view informative displays, watch our short video on the business and the Scheme and view the power station from the inside viewing area.

We would like to thank the community and the visiting public for their patience while we endeavour to create a unique visitor experience at Murray 2 during the refurbishment works.


The Alpine Way is steep and winding in places and motorists are advised to take care and drive to the weather and road conditions, while making your way along one of the most spectacular drives in Australia.

If travelling from Cooma, Jindabyne or Thredbo, please allow sufficient time for your journey, especially during winter.

Also located only a couple of minutes from the centre of Khancoban are the Khancoban Dam release gates where the water from the Scheme is released into the Swampy Plains River and then into the Murray River for irrigation. An impressive location that is well worth a look.

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