Snowy 2.0 teams are monitoring a surface depression that has emerged above the headrace tunnel at Tantangara.

The integrity of the tunnel has not been compromised, and tunnelling is continuing while work to remediate the surface depression above tunnel boring machine (TBM) Florence is carried out. There is a safety exclusion zone around the surface depression.

Ensuring the safety of the Snowy 2.0 workforce and members of the public is the priority for Snowy Hydro and principal contractor Future Generation Joint Venture. 

The Snowy 2.0 teams are conducting geophysical investigations of the area and continuing grouting operations and probing from the TBM. 

As previously indicated, the ground conditions encountered by the TBMs on Snowy 2.0 have been highly variable, ranging from very loose, sandy ground to extremely hard rock in fluctuating groundwater conditions. 

TBM Florence is transitioning from soft material into harder rock conditions.