Local School STEM Fund 2023


Through our inaugural Local School STEM Fund, we have provided a total funding amount of approximately $160,000 to 18 schools in 10 locations, benefiting more than 2,200 local students now and in the future.

“This program has encouraged students of all ages and genders to become enthusiastic about coding and robotics and consider how these skills can support them in their future. It also has positively impacted student wellbeing, providing a space for kids to explore and flourish.”

— Chrissy Graham, library and STEM teacher at Cooma North Public School

What initiatives have we supported?

There have been a varied range of supported initiatives, including but not limited to: 
• aquaponics project (to assist students with the understanding of sustainability relating to food and water resources) 
• 3D printers
• a First Nations Science Camp where both ancient knowledge and modern technology were combined – this camp extended invitations out to another six surrounding schools and to the Clontarf Foundation (therefore a much farther reach than just the awarded school)
• upgrades to equipment in science classrooms
• development of a robotics club (where students can build on their STEM skills and have the opportunity to submit to robotic competitions)
• enhancement of resources to develop critical thinking
• building school programs and clubs to strengthen student competence and confidence in programming and construction projects
• sustainable garden project
• build a township project (where students will research, design and plan a town).

Which schools have we supported?

Funding has been allocated to primary (75%) and secondary schools (25%) within a mix of public (56%) and private schools (44%).