Snowy 2.0 Feasibility Study

The feasibility study released confirms that the Snowy 2.0 pumped hydro expansion project is both technically and financially feasible.

The comprehensive study provides a base case design and a strong investment case that exceeds Snowy Hydro’s stringent investment hurdles, with significant input from leading independent experts in economics, engineering, geology and cost estimation.  All publicly available chapters are available for download below.  Please note:

  • some of the study chapters have been withheld as they include commercially confidential information.
  • some chapters are large files as they include technical drawings and diagrams.

To download our short summary document, click here.

1 Summary 5MB
2 Introduction 3MB
3 Commercial (omitted) 2MB
4 Business Analysis and Modelling (omitted) 2MB
5 Option Evaluation and Value Improvement 16MB
6 Geology and Terrain 42MB
7 Geotechnical and Seismic 32MB
8 Meteorology and Hydrology 6MB
9 Facilities 51MB
10 Transmission 5MB
11 Project Execution and Planning 2MB
12 Risk Management 4MB
13 Operations Readiness 3MB
14 Cost Estimate (omitted) 2MB
15 Government, Stakeholders and Communication  5MB
16 Health and Safety 2MB
17 Environment, Permits & Approvals 14MB
All Complete Feasibility Study 200MB