Get a great deal on your energy

At Snowy Hydro, we aim to delight our customers with service, backed by the mighty Snowy.  Our award winning retail brands Red Energy and Lumo Energy are industry leaders in customer service and 100 per cent Australian owned. We believe the community deserves something better from their energy retailer and that’s what we strive to give you.

At Red and Lumo, we go the extra mile to know our customers well and, in return, we have more discerning customers who stick with us.  They stay, pay and refer us to their friends which is the ultimate endorsement for our product.  Red and Lumo are consistently the two top energy retailers in the National Electricity Market for customer satisfaction.  You can't beat that.

Snowy Hydro also owns Direct Connect.   Direct Connect is Australia’s No. 1 Moving Services Company - having helped more than one million people move house over the last 10 years.