Science of the Snowy Scheme competition 2023

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Introducing the Science of the Snowy Scheme Competition 2023

STEM Careers at Snowy Hydro – colouring-in competition

This year’s competition is inspired by students’ engagement with Snowy Hydro experts across the business during National Science Week 2023. Local students had the chance to discuss career journeys and what a career in science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM) looks like at Snowy Hydro.

2023 Winners

Judges’ Choice Winners

Stage 2 – Ellie Reid | Entry 32

For Part 2, Ellie wrote: “Michelle Pane was the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup. Michelle Pane inspires me because no matter how many times she falls she never gives up. She was in a race and she fell of her horse she could not move. After months of recovery, she rode again. She never lost her courage. That’s why Michelle Pane inspires me.”

Stage 3 – Clara Stefanetto | Entry 104

For her inspirational person, Clara chose David Attenborough. She wrote: “If someone asked me ‘who inspires you?’ millions of people would flash though my head, But I would think of one person. He is a great biologist and presenter. Many saturday night were spent watching his eye opening wonderful documentaries. David Attenborough. He inspires me because he brings once in a lifetimes natural moments from out there to our tvs. He raises awareness about many things in nature people do not hear about.

Watching his amazing series I got to experience the chilly dangers of the arctic to the bubbling metropolis of coral reefs. I’ve always wanted to experience nature, the ugly and pretty side. I would love to be able to inspire others like he inspires me.”

Judges’ Choice Runners-up

Stage 2 – Emilio Brazulaitis | Entry 33

For the writing component of the competition, Emilio wrote: “My dad inspires me because helping people. He helps people with plumbing and other simple things. For example once we were heading down the coast, dad and I saw a man right next to the servo broken down. So dad towed him to the servo while everyone else was beeping at him to get out of the way. This was a true act of kindness. He inspires me to be a good, kind person”

Stage 3 – Cormac Girling | Entry 71

Cormac has written: “As a child, I loved dinosaurs which is why love archeology. This is why I have chosen Mortimer Wheeler as my inspiration. He was an English officer in both world wars and one of the top ten archeologists. He worked on many important sites and his techniques are still used today. mortimer inspires me because his legacy. One day I want to make an impact like him”

Community Choice Winners

Stage 2 – Bella Chorvat | Entry 4

When writing about their inspirational person Bella explained: “The person who inspires me is my teacher mr Smith. He is a good teacher who listens and helps us out. Every day he teaches us new and exciting things. The best thing he has taught me is my times tables and he also encourages me with my artwork.”

Stage 3 – Lola Tonissen | Entry 86

Lola chose Taylor Swift as their inspirational person. They wrote: “Taylor Swift inspires me because she makes me think that I could be just like her. Even though I want to be a marine biologist, I want to be a singer aswell. I reckon that she is the best singer out of all the singers around the world.”

Community Choice Runners-up

Stage 2 – Hamish Walker | Entry 37

Hamish wrote: “Michael Jordan is the man I look up to because I love basketball and he’s amazing at basketball. I might love basketball but I am not good at it. Michael Jordan is great at it and I would love to meet him some day. Maybe even learn to play basketball.”

Stage 3 – Harlan Ingram | Entry 77

Harlan picked Post Malone as their inspiration, they wrote: “Post Malone is a famous person that sings a lot of great songs that I like. I like him because he makes me feel good and his favourite colour is green and I like the colour green. When I listen to him in the car I like to sing along with him.”


Submit your STEM Careers at Snowy entry – a complete entry consists of Part 1 and Part 2

Part 1 – complete the colour my career colouring-in sheet
Part 2 – we are looking for thoughtful and insightful answers in 50 words or less to the question: Who is someone that inspires you and why? This person could be a:

  • family member
  • friend
  • superhero
  • favourite book character
  • neighbour
  • famous person
  • women in STEM

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