Happy Mother’s Day

To celebrate Mother’s Day today, we asked Tolly and Arlene, a mother and son, to share how they inspire each other and what it’s really like to work together in the same office.  

Here’s what Tolly had to say:

Why are you proud of your Mum?

There’s a lot of reasons to be proud of her. I can’t imagine how much she had endured to arrive where she is now. She has sacrificed and risked a lot for us to be where we are today, and words can’t describe how grateful I am for that. Despite all the hardships that come with life and love, I am happy to have her as my mum and she means everything to me. I’ll support her on whatever she decides to do next, along with my beloved dad and brother by my side. 

What is it like working in the same workplace?

We don’t interact much in the workplace as my mum works in Snowy 2.0 and I work in the Functional Services Team downstairs; although, I take any opportunity to go upstairs and bother her even if for a moment, haha. While I don’t understand the technicalities of her position, I try to support her/give her advice in any way I can. It’s really nice to have her near me as we usually don’t see each other until the end of the day back when I was still in school. I appreciate the opportunity given to be close to her, even if we are on different teams.

Here’s what Arlene had to say:

Why are you proud of Tolly:

Tolly (and his brother) have always been the reason for my and their Dad’s hard work. We are proud of him because he’s becoming a mature, independent, and kind-hearted person. When we migrated to Australia, he overcame many struggles (cultural diversity, gender diversity, new environment, finding new friends) and slowly found himself and how he fit in the community. I am so proud that he could navigate through all of it and now has a bright future ahead of him. 

What is it like working in the same workplace?

It brings joy to my heart to see him enjoying his work. The SHL office is very welcoming, and I am thankful he feels he belongs. We go to the office daily in the same car, share office stories, and laugh together. He brightens up my day by visiting me occasionally at my desk. These tiny moments of life make it so meaningful because we are blessed to work in the same business.