Young Driver Training Program

Snowy Hydro Young Driver Training Program is a professionally delivered program integrated with local high schools where year 12 students undertake both theory and practical sessions outlining key focus areas such as their attitude and driving behaviours.

Included in the program is an understanding of the unique road conditions of the Snowy Mountains such as snow and ice. The program also focuses on hazard recognition, accident avoidance, speed management, vehicle handling, DUI and fatigue, and distractions.

Fully funded by Snowy Hydro, and engineered by Driving Solutions, the program is specifically designed for Year 12 students in the Snowy Mountains

This program is highly valued by both high schools and the local community and is aimed at making a meaningful difference to safety of all drivers on our roads, especially new drivers.  The success of the Snowy Hydro Young Driver Training Program is a direct result of Snowy Hydro’s partnership with local schools and this high quality, professionally run program provides a tremendous outcome not only for participants and their families but also for the entire community.

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