Snowy Hydro complied with its obligation to target releases from Jindabyne Dam for environmental purposes during the 2015–16 water year.

The volume of Snowy River Increased Flows (SRIF) released from Jindabyne Dam during the 2015–16 water year was 139.8 GL, which was 0.4 GL above the target volume of 139.4 GL. That excess is well within the +/–10% annual tolerance around the target volumes allowed under the Snowy Water Licence. The 2016–17 target has been adjusted down to account for this release surplus.

In addition to the environmental releases, 8.5GL Base Passing Flow (BPF) was also released from Jindabyne Dam and 0.5GL riparian flow was released from the Mowamba Weir.

All monthly releases were within the +/–20% monthly tolerance around the target volumes and daily releases were within the +/–20% daily tolerance allowed under the Snowy Water Licence.

As allocations for the 2015–16 water year once again exceeded 100GL, a flushing flow was delivered to the Snowy River through the spillway and cone valves at Jindabyne Dam in October 2015.

The comparison of the annual, monthly and daily release targets for the Snowy River Increased Flow releases against the actual releases is shown in the following charts.