Power Stations

The Snowy Mountains Scheme consists of 9 major power stations – Murray 1, Murray 2, Guthega, Blowering, Tumut 1 (located 366 metres below ground level), Tumut 2 (located 244 metres below ground level), and Tumut 3. Two small hydro power stations have recently been constructed, the Jindabyne Mini Hydro Power Station and the Jounama Small Hydro Power Station.

These 9 power stations have 33 turbines with a total generating capacity of 3950 megawatts (MW) and produce on average, 4500 gigawatt-hours of clean renewable electricity each year, to meet peak power demand.

The table below outlines the details of each power station, from the completion dates to the number of turbines.

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Tumut 3 Power Station

Murray 1 Power Station