Mini Hydro Developments

Tumut 3 Micro Hydro Generators

Cooling Water Micro-hydro Generators installed during 2003-2004 at Snowy Hydro Limited’s largest power station, Tumut 3, is GreenPower accredited.

Green Power is a national accreditation program that sets stringent environmental and reporting standards for renewable energy products offered by electricity suppliers to households and businesses across Australia.

Tumut 3 Power Station consists of six 250 megawatt (MW) hydro-electric generating units, all capable of either generating electricity or operating in synchronous condenser mode.  In addition, three of these generating units have 200 MW underslung pumps used to return water via the pressure pipelines to Talbingo Reservoir.

The Cooling Water Micro-hydro Generators, each with a generating capacity of approximately 120kW each, have been installed to replace pressure-reducing valves on the six generating unit’s cooling systems.

By installing these micro-hydro generators, Snowy Hydro Limited will be saving around 3137 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year that could otherwise be produced by coal burning power stations.  In addition, this installation not only captures previous wasted renewable energy, but also will be substantially reducing the noise that was associated with the previous pressure reducing valves.

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