Safety, a Commitment, a Culture, a reality!

Snowy Hydro’s commitment to safety extends to all levels for the business and across all areas of our operations. Whether it be in our power stations, dams, depots, offices or our gas plants, safety is the foundation to all we do in the workplace. Snowy Hydro is absolutely committed to providing a safe environment for everyone.
Snowy Hydro is proud of our mutli million dollar decade long partnership with the regions Rescue Helicopter, the Snowy Hydro South Care rescue helicopter. This long association has benefited the community and brought safety to the forefront.

At Snowy Hydro our primary objective to Health & Safety management is to provide a work environment free of incidents, injury and health risks for all employees, contractors and visitors. This is achieved through effective leadership, safe systems of work, a safe working environment and safe plant.

Our commitment to providing a safe workplace is put into reality through a range of health and safety processes. These include:

– Management Standards and Work Procedures (certified to AS4801).
– Safe Access Rules and Practices.
– Employee consultation committees.
– Safe work behavioural observation program.
– Training and competency framework.
– Data management systems
– Health & Hygiene monitoring:
– Resources:
– A dedicated health and safety team.



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