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The Snowy Mountains, Australia’s High Country, is home to Snowy Hydro Limited employees and their families. In towns such as Cooma, Jindabyne, Tumut, Corryong, Tumbarumba, Cabramurra, Talbingo and Khancoban. Our employees not only enjoy the challenges, the opportunity and a professional career with Snowy Hydro Limited, but one of the most enjoyable, interesting and fulfilling lifestyles in the country.

The Snowy Mountains is part of Australia’s identity.  This region is home to the traditions and icons of who we are as a nation and what makes us proud to be Australian. Those who live here and share an affection for the region, refer to it simply as the “Snowies”.  This is “Man from Snowy River” country, where the legends of the high country cattlemen were born and where the construction of the Snowy Mountains Scheme changed the social and economic landscape of the country to the vibrant nation we know today.

It’s home to Australia’s highest mountain Mt Kosciuszko and the Kosciuszko National Park – Australia’s largest national park, covering an area over 690,000 hectares.  When winter comes and the snow falls, the mountains are transformed into a winter wonderland, where snow skiers descend onto the mountain playgrounds of Perisher Blue, Thredbo and Mt Selwyn.  When summer returns, the snow melts and the Snowies become home to the best trout fishing on mainland Australia.  Visitors flock to the lakes, bushwalkers frequent the high country and horse riders take off into the hills.

Whatever your interest, whatever your passion, you would be unlucky not to find it here. Snowy towns host festivals and events throughout the year, and attractions from National icons to unique mountain escapes all call the area home.  Our towns are not short on facilities, we are well serviced by schools, doctors and hospitals, in fact Snowy Hydro is the major sponsor of the region rescue helicopter service – Snowy Hydro Southcare.

There are restaurants, cafes, cinemas and major shopping chains in all the major centres. Clubs, pubs and active an social scene are a feature along with numerous art galleries and regional sporting teams.   You never tire of the mountain lifestyle, but if you feel like a change, beachside resorts at Merimbula, Eden and Narooma are less than couple of hours away from Cooma and Jindabyne.   To round it off, we are a day trip away from the nations capital – Canberra and you can fly to Sydney in an hour or be there by car in less than 5 hours.

All too often pursuing your career means sacrifice in lifestyle or living somewhere that’s just not you. The Snowy Mountains and Snowy Hydro Limited is different.  We offer both the career you only thought possible in the city, in a location with a lifestyle that is to good too be true.

We recognise that it’s a privilege to live and work in such an area.  Living here is not about giving things up or learning to do with out – except for peak hour and those city traffic lights!

If this is somewhere you want to be and think you can add value, to the company, get in touch with us or apply for a position, by visiting our recruitment page.

The very existence many seek but few rarely find is the way of life in the mountains. Its our way of life, its how things are, it’s the Snowy Mountains, Australia’s High Country.

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