Snowy Hydro Limited is one of the National Electricity Markets largest generators by capacity. We provide energy to the National Electricity Market from our portfolio of generation plant which includes the Snowy Mountains Scheme’s renewable, hydro generating units with a combined generating capacity of 3950 megawatts (MW) and our gas fired generating portfolio of 620MW in Victoria. In addition, we own Red Energy, an electricity  and gas retailer operating in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales, and have recently acquired another electricity and gas retailer, Lumo Energy.

We provide peaking energy as well as a number of ancillary services to the National Electricity Market and grid, such as voltage and frequency control, contingency reserve and emergency start capability in the event of a widespread system failure.

Snowy Hydro is  a leading supplier of electricity price risk hedging contracts such as price caps and similar contracts to other National Electricity Market (NEM) participants (retailers and other generators) who are seeking protection to limit the price risk they face in the NEM market.

Snowy Hydro’s ability to draw on large scale generation at short notice means that it is able to offer such contracts and generally hedge the risk it takes on those contracts by generating electricity as required.

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